Sales Tax and Reverse Sales Tax Calculator Ohio

(Tax Year 2023: Last Updated on September 21, 2023)

Ohio levies a general sales tax at a rate of 5.75%. Municipalities and/or cities in Ohio also impose additional local sales tax ranging between 0.75% and 2.25%. You may use this calculator to calculate Ohio's standard and reverse sales taxes. The only necessary data required to compute the answers instantly are the amount before taxes, the amount after taxes, and the tax rate.

OHIO [Multidirectional Calculator]
  • 5.8%
  • 6.5%
  • 6.75%
  • 7%
  • 7.25%
  • 7.5%
  • 8%
  • Amount Before Tax ${{amountBeforeTax}}
  • Sales Tax Rate {{SalesTaxRate}}%
  • Amount Of Taxes ${{AmountOfTaxes}}
  • Amount After Taxes ${{AmountAfterTaxes}}

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Ohio – OH Sales Tax Calculator: User Guide

Ohio is the tenth most densely populated, 34th largest by area and seventh most populous state located in the East North Central region of the Midwestern United States.

The shares its border with Pennsylvania to the east, Indiana to the west, Lake Erie to the north, Michigan to the northwest, Kentucky to the southwest, and West Virginia to the southeast.

Ohio is the birthplace of eight US presidents and aviation. It also numerous other perks, including a growing economy, several amazing cities, four beautiful seasons, cheap cost of living, and Midwestern charm.

All these aforementioned perks attract hundreds of people to settle here every year to start their new life, career, or business. So if you are one of them and plan to expand, start, or relocate your business in Ohio, you should educate yourself with Ohio Sales Tax.

To help you with Ohio Sales Tax, our experts have compiled a comprehensive guide supported by a handy OH Sales Tax Calculator, your quick and easy learning.

So let's get started!

Ohio Sales Tax Facts:

  • Ohio State collects 5.75% of sales tax on the state level. Additionally, all counties also collect their own local sales taxes, ranging from 0.75% to 2.25%.
  • Under particular circumstances, a special sales tax may also apply with a rate ranging from 0% to 0.5%.
  • Consumers use, rental tax, sales tax, sellers use, and lodgings tax are some of the most common types of sales tax charged in Ohio.
  • 50% is the lowest possible sales tax rate levied in Butler, Ohio.
  • 8% is the highest possible sales tax rate levied in Cuyahoga. Ohio.
  • Almost every item is subjected to the Ohio Sales Tax. However, property used for agricultural production, utilities such as gas, water and electricity, newspapers, groceries (not prepared food, i.e., sold in restaurants), and prescription drugs are exempted from sales tax.
  • Ohio based companies making out-of-state sales of volume over $4 million in a year are supposed to pay Ohio Sales Tax.
  • Ohio Sales Tax Resale Certificate is required for the businesses done in Ohio. The Ohio Department of Taxation issues this certificate.
  • Ohio Sales Tax Exemption Form can be used by the individuals and businesses to buy items for resale, improvement, or as raw materials without paying Ohio Sales Tax.
  • 75% of Use tax is collected by Ohio state plus local use tax by the counties on the items that are not subjected to Ohio Sales Tax but are used in the Ohio State.

How to calculate Sales Tax in Ohio?

Businesses and Sellers who have Nexus are required to pay Sales tax to Ohio on retail sales of tangible personal property and some services. They must collect, manage, and transfer it to the Ohio Department of Taxation while staying in compliance with state laws and avoid penalties and interest.

The sales tax determined on four factors:

  1. Nexus: It is a connection of business with a state. The business is only liable to pay taxes to the states with Nexus.
  2. Location and Products or Services: The sales tax rate varies from product to product and location to location. You must check the sales tax rate applicable to your product according to the product category, county, and city in Ohio.
  3. Exemptions: Almost All tangible goods and certain services are eligible for sales tax regulation. However, property used for agricultural production, utilities such as gas, water and electricity, newspapers, groceries (not prepared food, i.e., sold in restaurants), and prescription drugs are exempted from Ohio Sales Tax.

You should check with the Ohio state government to update which goods and services sold in Ohio are subject to sales tax.

To calculate Sales Tax in Ohio, follow the steps below:

Step 1 – Determine your Nexus:

As a business owner, you are only required to collect sales tax if you are eligible for collecting sales tax and have Sales Tax Nexus in Ohio State. And to determine your Nexus in Ohio, you must have any of the following:

  • Having a place of business places like an office in the state, operated by the employer, agent, an affiliated group member, or franchisee.
  • An employee, independent contractors, agents, solicitors, installers, repairpeople, salespeople, or other representatives present in Ohio for conducting its business.
  • A person present in Ohio to receive or process of its goods or services.
  • Delivery of merchandise into Ohio by means other than common carrier, i.e., taxpayer-owned vehicle.
  • Ownership of the property in this state, which is rented or leased to the consumer or offers tangible personal property, on approval, to consumers in Ohio.
  • Owned, rented, leased, maintained, or has a right to use a tangible or real property, which physically located in Ohio.
  • Registered or licensed by any board, agency, or commission to transact business in Ohio or to make sales to persons in Ohio.
  • Registered with the secretary of state to do business in Ohio.
  • Make more than $500,000 in sales in Ohio and uses a CDN (content delivery network) or software in the state.

Step 2 – Determine the Sales Tax Rate:

Once you have determined that your Nexus is with Ohio, next is to deduce the Sales Tax rate (State + Local Sales Tax) applicable on your product, for which you can refer the tables below:

Ohio Sales Tax Rates by Location:

Once you have determined that your Nexus is with Ohio, next is to deduce the Sales Tax rate (State + County + City) applicable to your product, for which you can refer the tables below:

Ohio Sales Tax Rates(Updated January 2023)
County State Rate County Rate Total Sales Tax
Adams 5.75% 1.50% 7.25%
Allen 5.75% 1.00% 6.75%
Ashland 5.75% 1.25% 7.00%
Ashtabula 5.75% 1.00% 6.75%
Athens 5.75% 1.25% 7.00%
Auglaize 5.75% 1.50% 7.25%
Belmont 5.75% 1.50% 7.25%
Brown 5.75% 1.50% 7.25%
Butler 5.75% 0.75% 6.50%
Carroll 5.75% 1.00% 6.75%
Champaign 5.75% 1.50% 7.25%
Clark 5.75% 1.50% 7.25%
Clermont 5.75% 1.00% 6.75%
Clinton 5.75% 1.00% 6.75%
Columbiana 5.75% 1.50% 7.25%
Coshocton 5.75% 1.50% 7.25%
Crawford 5.75% 1.50% 7.25%
Cuyahoga 5.75% 2.25% 8.00%
Darke 5.75% 1.50% 7.25%
Defiance 5.75% 1.00% 6.75%
Delaware 5.75% 1.25% 7.00%
Erie 5.75% 1.00% 6.75%
Fairfield 5.75% 1.00% 6.75%
Fayette 5.75% 1.50% 7.25%
Franklin 5.75% 1.75% 7.50%
Fulton 5.75% 1.50% 7.25%
Gallia 5.75% 1.25% 7.00%
Geauga 5.75% 1.00% 6.75%
Greene 5.75% 1.00% 6.75%
Guernsey 5.75% 1.50% 7.25%
Hamilton 5.75% 1.25% 7.00%
Hancock 5.75% 1.00% 6.75%
Hardin 5.75% 1.50% 7.25%
Harrison 5.75% 1.50% 7.25%
Henry 5.75% 1.50% 7.25%
Highland 5.75% 1.50% 7.25%
Hocking 5.75% 1.50% 7.25%
Holmes 5.75% 1.25% 7.00%
Huron 5.75% 1.50% 7.25%
Jackson 5.75% 1.50% 7.25%
Jefferson 5.75% 1.50% 7.25%
Knox 5.75% 1.50% 7.25%
Lake 5.75% 1.25% 7.00%
Lawrence 5.75% 1.50% 7.25%
Licking 5.75% 1.50% 7.25%
Logan 5.75% 1.50% 7.25%
Lorain 5.75% 1.00% 6.75%
Lucas 5.75% 1.50% 7.25%
Madison 5.75% 1.25% 7.00%
Mahoning 5.75% 1.50% 7.25%
Marion 5.75% 1.50% 7.25%
Medina 5.75% 1.00% 6.75%
Meigs 5.75% 1.50% 7.25%
Mercer 5.75% 1.50% 7.25%
Miami 5.75% 1.25% 7.00%
Monroe 5.75% 1.50% 7.25%
Montgomery 5.75% 1.75% 7.50%
Morgan 5.75% 1.50% 7.25%
Morrow 5.75% 1.50% 7.25%
Muskingum 5.75% 1.50% 7.25%
Noble 5.75% 1.50% 7.25%
Ottawa 5.75% 1.25% 7.00%
Paulding 5.75% 1.50% 7.25%
Perry 5.75% 1.50% 7.25%
Pickaway 5.75% 1.50% 7.25%
Pike 5.75% 1.50% 7.25%
Portage 5.75% 1.50% 7.25%
Preble 5.75% 1.50% 7.25%
Putnam 5.75% 1.25% 7.00%
Richland 5.75% 1.25% 7.00%
Ross 5.75% 1.50% 7.25%
Sandusky 5.75% 1.50% 7.25%
Scioto 5.75% 1.50% 7.25%
Seneca 5.75% 1.50% 7.25%
Shelby 5.75% 1.50% 7.25%
Stark 5.75% 0.75% 6.50%
Summit 5.75% 1.00% 6.75%
Trumbull 5.75% 1.00% 6.75%
Tuscarawas 5.75% 1.50% 7.25%
Union 5.75% 1.25% 7.00%
Van Wert 5.75% 1.50% 7.25%
Vinton 5.75% 1.50% 7.25%
Warren 5.75% 1.25% 7.00%
Washington 5.75% 1.50% 7.25%
Wayne 5.75% 0.75% 6.50%
Williams 5.75% 1.50% 7.25%
Wood 5.75% 1.00% 6.75%
Wyandot 5.75% 1.50% 7.25%

Step 4 – Calculate Sales Tax:

After determining the sales tax rate according to the location and type of purchases, it is easy to calculate the sales tax amount charged on the product and gross price (amount after tax) of a product.

Example # 1:

For instance, you are selling a Wifi Router on your store in Fairfield, Ohio, having a net price tag of $60. The amount that a buyer has to pay (including sales tax) on a check out would be:

Manual Method:

Net Price (amount before Tax) of a Wifi Router: $60

Total Sales Tax rate: 0.00% (Fairfield) + 0.750% (Butler County) + 5.750% (Ohio State) = 6.50%

Total Sales Tax amount = $60 x 6.50% = $3.9

Gross Price (Amount after Tax) = 60 + 3.9 = $63.9

It means the buyer has to pay $63.9 for a Wifi Router on a cash counter.

Using our Sales Tax Calculator:

All of the steps mentioned above can be skipped to get an instant result using our Sales Tax Calculator. All you need is:

  1. Input the $60 Net Price of the Wifi Router as Amount Before Tax
  2. Input or select 50% of the combined Sales Tax rate on the Tax Rate menu.

Our calculator will automatically calculate the result, and represents it in 3 different forms, as shown in the image below:


Reverse Sales Tax Calculation

In the example above, we have explained to you to calculate the Sales Tax amount payable in a product, and the Gross Price of the Product.

But there are also instances when you are required to deduce how much sales tax buyer has actually paid on a product or you may want to check the accuracy of the sales tax indicated on your item's receipt.

This is where the Reverse Sales Tax Calculation Kicks in. And luckily, our Ohio Sales Tax Calculator can perform this calculation like a Pro.


Your buyer has paid $92 for a Wireless Printer at your store in Kettering, Ohio. Now the buyer is inquiring how much a Wireless Printer actually cost before the sales tax was added. So you need to follow the steps below to determine the amount before tax (net price) of a Wireless Printer:

Gross Price (Amount after Tax) of Wireless Printer: $92

Total Sales Tax rate: 0.00% (Kettering) + 1.750% (Montgomery County) + 5.75% (Ohio State) = 7.50%.

Manual Method:

Gross Price with sales tax = [Net Price × (tax rate in decimal form + 1)]

92 = [Net Price x ((7.5/100) + 1)]

92 = Net Price x 1.07

$86 = Net Price

So the original Price (net price) of a Wireless Printer was $86.

Using our Sales Tax Calculator:

You can also use our Sales Tax Calculator for Reverse Sales Tax calculation to skip the aforementioned manual method. All you need is:

  1. Input the $92 Gross Price of Wireless Printer as Amount after Tax
  2. Input or select 7.50% of combined Sales Tax Rate on the Tax Rate

Our calculator will automatically calculate the result and represents it in 3 different forms.

Also Check: Ohio Paycheck Calculator to Calculate your Paycheck in Ohio State including all taxes and take home pay.


Answer: prescription drugs, newspapers, groceries (not prepared food, i.e., sold in restaurants), property used for agricultural production, utilities such as gas, water, and electricity are exempted from sales tax in Ohio.

Answer: The sales tax rate collected by Ohio State on the state level is 5.75%. Additionally, all counties also collect their own local sales taxes, which ranges from 0.75% to 2.25%.

Answer: The combined sales tax in Columbus, Ohio, is 7.5%, which comprises of 1.750% of Franklin County sales tax and 5.750% of Ohio State sales tax.

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