Sales Tax and Reverse Sales Tax Calculator Montana

(Tax Year 2023: Last Updated on May 28, 2023)

In Montana, there is no state general sales tax. Montana's counties, cities, and/or municipalities do not impose a local sales tax. With the help of this calculator, you can determine both the ordinary and reverse sales taxes in Montana. The amount before taxes, the amount after taxes, and the tax rate are the only pieces of information needed to obtain responses.

MONTANA [Multidirectional Calculator]
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Montana – MO Sales Tax Calculator: User Guide

Montana, also known as a Treasure State, is a state located in the United States' northwestern region. The state is defined by diverse terrains, including the Great Plains, the Rocky Mountains, and the most popular Glacier National Park. It is a place of snow-capped mountains, valleys, rolling hills, lakes, and plains. 

Besides natural attractions, the state also offers an array of benefits to its residents, including low population density, no sales tax, endless recreation, flourishing economy, favorable business environment, and healthy business growth. Wherefore, attracting thousands of people to settle in the treasure state.

If you plan to move, expand, or start your business in Montana, you are lucky as you no longer need to worry about MO sales Tax, as Montana doesn't have one. However, there are still some sales tax facts that you must know about the state.

Montana Sales Tax Facts

  • Although Montana doesn't levy any sales tax on the state level, many cities and counties (especially significant tourist destinations) charge local sales tax on most of the purchases.
  • Tourism-related businesses such as hotels and campgrounds are charged with 7% local sales tax in some municipalities and cities.
  • Rental car companies are charged with 4% of local sales tax in some municipalities and cities.
  • Alcohol and cigarettes are charged with the "sin" tax in Montana.
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