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Since military time is different from regular time, this military time calculator converts the current local time zone into a 24-hour format, then converts that 24-hour format into military hours in a jiffy. Our military time convertor is to help people who are working in a military or defense environment to synchronize their schedules.

  1. Enter Hours in HH Text Box.
  2. Enter Minutes in MM Text Box.
  3. Get the Military Time in Military time box at right.
  4. You can enter military time to convert from military to standard time.
  5. Use Clear Button to Clean the entered Time
  6. Use Print Button To Print the Military Time.
  7. Use Email Box if you want to recieve the complete Time at your Email ID.
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How to Use Military Time Converter?

Military Time, also known as 24-Hours format, is a convention of time used worldwide, especially by the Military as well as emergency services, including firefighters, law enforcement, hospitals, and emergency medical personnel. Unlike regular time, where time is divided into 12 hours, the military time format has a total of 24 hours in a day. It is used to avoid confusion between day or night, as well as it simplifies the process and reduces the chance of human error while performing time-related calculations. So If you want to convert AM/PM format into Military Time Format, you can use our Military Time Convertor for quick, easy, and accurate conversion. Below is the step by step guide to using our Military Time Converter:

Step 1:

military time converter by dremployee.png
  1. Upon Launching the Converter, you will see a form, as shown in the picture above.
  2. Here HH presents the two digits of Hours, MM represents the two digits of Minutes, and AM is set as the default value for day time. You can change it into PM by clicking on the arrow beside it.
  3. Enter your Hours and Minutes in their respective text boxes beside their labels and then choose between AM and PM
  4. Once you have entered your time, you would see the converted time in 24-Hours (Military Time) Format, as shown in the picture above. Here the First TWO digits represent the Hours, and the Last TWO digits represent the Minutes.

NOTE: You can also convert your Military Time into Regular Time, by entering your values into Military Time Textbox.

Step 2:

print and email military time.png

After you are done with your conversion, you can reset the convertor to zero by clicking on red "Clear" Button. You can also print the results by clicking on the "Print" button. Moreover, you also have a facility to email the results by entering the recipient's email address and pressing "Email" Button, as shown in the picture above.

Military Time to Regular Time and Regular Time to Military Time Chart

You can also use the chart below for quick conversion of Military Time to Regular Time and Vice versa:

Military Time Standard Time Military Time Standard Time
0000 Midnight 1200 Noon
0100 1:00 AM 1300 1:00 PM
0200 2:00 AM 1400 2:00 PM
0300 3:00 AM 1500 3:00 PM
0400 4:00 AM 1600 4:00 PM
0500 5:00 AM 1700 5:00 PM
0600 6:00 AM 1800 6:00 PM
0700 7:00 AM 1900 7:00 PM
0800 8:00 AM 2000 8:00 PM
0900 9:00 AM 2100 9:00 PM
1000 10:00 AM 2200 10:00 PM
1100 11:00 AM 2300 11:00 PM


Solution: To convert Military Time into Regular Time (AM/PM format), follow these steps:

  1. If the value of Hours in Military Time is less than 12, then add AM after the Hours and Minutes to turn it into Regular time.

For Example:

If Military Time = 08 30

Then Regular Time would be = 08:30 AM  

  1. If the value of Hours in Military Time is greater than 12, then subtract 12 from the original value of Hours and add PM after the Resulting Hours and Minutes to turn it into Regular Time.

For Example:

                If Military Time = 15 30

                Then Regular Time would be = 15 -12 = 3  è  3:30 PM

Suggestion: You can also input your Military Time in our Military Time Convertor, to enjoy instant and accurate conversion.

Answer:  Military Time is a Time notation based on 24 Hours Format. In this format, a Day is divided into 24 Hours intervals, unlike Regular Time that have 12 Hours.

Military Time is used by Military and emergency services like firefighters, hospitals, bomb disposal, etc..

The reason behind using this format is to easily distinguish between Day and Night, formerly, which was confusing to determine with Regular Time, especially when in the situation of Emergency.

Answer: The Starting Time of a Day in Military Time that is referred to as 0:00, is the Midnight Time.

Solution: Converting 24 Hours into 12 Hours is the same as converting Military Time into 12 Hours, as Military Time is based on 24 Hours Format. Please refer to FAQs Question # 1, for the detailed process explanation.

Solution: To convert Regular Time into Military Time in Ms. Excel using formula, follow these steps:

convert regular time to military time in Excel.png
  1. Select a Blank Cell where you want your Military time to be displayed, like in the picture above, which is B2.
  2. Type in the Formula =TEXT(A2,"HHMM").


  • A2 is used as an example from the Image. You can write or select any source Cell with Regular Time you need to convert.
  • In case, your Regular Time has seconds; then you can add SS in the formula: =TEXT(A2, "HHMMSS").
  • If you want space between Hours, Minutes and seconds then add space in the formula: =TEXT(A2,"HH MM SS").
  1. If you have multiple values of regular time to convert as in the picture above, click on the fill handle of the cell (like in our case, it is Cell B2) and drag it downwards to convert the entire list.

To determine the Military Time for 2 PM, use any one of the methods below:

Method # 1: Using our Military Time Converter for Instant Result

2pm military time.png

As 2 PM is 2 Hours and Zero minutes, so enter the values and Select PM in our Military Time Converter, as shown in the picture above. You will get the Military Time = 1400, as displayed in the yellow box.

Method # 2: Manual Method

As 2 PM is 2 Hours and 00 Minutes and it is in PM, so we will add 12 Into the Hours and remove PM to convert it into Military Time, leaving the minutes unchanged.

2+12 = 14 so the Military Time would be: 1400

Quick Tip: If the Time is in AM, then we will not add any value into hours. We have to remove AM to convert it into Military Time only.

Solution: Military Time for 4 PM is:

4+12 = 16 è 1600 Military Time.

Solution: As 1730 is itself a Military Time. It would remain the Same. If you want to know about Regular Time for 1730 in Military Time, then follow these steps:

  1. As Hours in 1730 are greater than 12, so we will subtract 12 from the Hours: 17-12 = 5.
  2. Now, as Hours above 12 in Military Time are for PM in regular Time, so we will add "PM" after the resulting time in Step 1.

To get Regular Time: 5:30 PM.

Solution: To convert 1 PM into Military Time, follow the steps below:

  • Write 1 PM in proper Regular Time format: 1:00 PM
  • As this time is in PM, we will add 12 in original Hours to get 1+12 = 13
  • Now leave the Minutes unchanged and remove PM to convert it into Military: 13 00

Note: You can also use our Military Time Converter to get instant and accurate results.

Solution: To convert 5 AM in military Time, follow these steps:

  • Write 5 AM in proper regular time format: 5:00 AM
  • As time is in AM, we will keep the Hours and Minutes unchanged and remove AM to get Military Time: 05 00

Solution: To subtract Minutes from Military Time in Ms. Excel, follow the example below:


John works in a Factory and has recorded its Start Time and End Time of Work for a whole week on a Ms. Excel Spreadsheet. Now he needs to calculate Total Hours Worked in a Week, as shown in the picture below:

How do I subtract minutes from military time in Excel
  1. John ensured all the times recorded are in the identical format for all the cells, i.e., in this picture, we used hh:mm.

Note: To specify the format:

  1. Select all the Cells you for which you want to specify the format. i.e., We selected cells from B2 to D8.
  2. Go to Number Section under Home Tab, click on the dropdown menu and select "More Number Formats."
  3. Then select Custom from the Category List and type the format, i.e., hh:mm under "Type:" field.
  4. First, He needs to calculate Hours Worked in a Day by subtracting Start Time from End Time for which he used the formula in cell D2: =C2-B2.

Note: This step was the answer to this FAQ, read further to learn more.

  1. Next, as he wants the Hours Worked in a day for Each Day in the table, so he saved time by clicking on the filling handle on Cell D2 and dragged it downwards to Cell D8.
  2. Finally, He input the Sum formula in Cell D9: =D2:D8 OR =Sum(D2:D8) to add all Hours Worked in a day for each day to calculate Total Hours Worked in a Week.
  3. After entering the formula and pressing answer, the resulting solution wasn't correct for which John did the following steps:
    1. Selected Cell D9, and navigated to Home tab > Number Section > Selected "More Number Formats" from the Dropdown menu > Selected "custom" from Category List.
    2. Now he entered [h]:mm;@ in "type:" field and clicking on the OKEY button to get an accurate result.


Using Ms. Excel or other Spreadsheet can be a tricky job as you need to remember formulas. Therefore, you are suggested to use our Time Card Calculator to calculate Total Hours Worked in a Week, instantly and accurately without entering any formula.