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Delaware – DE Sales Tax Calculator: User Guide

Delaware is a state located in the Mid-Atlantic Region of the United States. The state has around 0.97 million residents and the 2nd smallest area among the 50 states with 1,982 sq mi. Yet, it has a booming economy ranked on #17, ensuring a favorable business environment and economic growth.

So are you planning to relocate or start your business in Delaware? We are here to help.

This guide covers all the essential aspects regarding sales tax that would help you deal with Delaware Sales Tax like a Pro.

Delaware Sales Tax Facts:

  • Luckily, Delaware State doesn't levy Statewide Sales Tax.
  • No county or city in Delaware charge local sales tax.
  • Businesses are charged with gross receipts tax (instead of Sales Tax) on the seller of goods (tangible or otherwise) and services. However, businesses are not allowed to pass on this tax to the consumer. The gross receipts tax rates range from 0.0945% to 1.9914% according to the business activity.
  • All automobile sales are charged with 3.75% of the "document fee."
  • Occupational licenses on specific business activities are charged with 1.92% of tax.
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Answer: Delaware charged no sales tax on the state, county, or city level.

Answer: There is no sales tax charged on the selling of cars in Delaware. However, 3.75% of "document fee" is levied when you register them for the first time.

Answer: As Delaware is Sales Tax-Free State, no item is charged with Sales Tax. However, businesses are charged with "Gross Receipt Tax," which they are not allowed to pass on this tax to the customers. Wherefore, the cost of the actual goods may reflect the tax themselves.

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