About Us

You’re in front of your computer preparing a payroll for the different suppliers of your company. A complex calculation has you stuck as you don’t know the exact tax that is levied on different States. You can’t imagine the amount of time it’ll take you to finish all of this work.

What you need is not just a calculator. What you need is us, a company that offers software solutions for your complex and redundant calculations, for free.

Who we are

We are a team of IT specialists that specializes in developing software solutions that handle calculations.

Ours is not just an ordinary calculator that adds up two figures. Instead, we develop calculators that factor in the different parameters for different calculations.

Say for example you want to convert time in your time zone into military time. Or you want to calculate the amount of tax you’re to pay your employees in your state. You could either do an extensive research and handle the calculations manually. Alternatively, you could head to our website and with the use of a calculator, key in your figures and have your results.

Not only do you end up with accurate results but you also save on precious time that you can then use to do something else.

At DrEmployee, we know how it can be arduous to perform some certain calculations. This is why we have taken time to develop software that does the weightlifting for you, and we’re offering it to you at no extra cost.

What We Offer

In addition to a tax calculator, here is a list of other software that are present in our site.

  • Time Card calculator
  • Time to Decimal calculator
  • Work hours’ calculator
  • Payroll Calculator
  • Paycheck calculator
  • US Sales tax calculator
  • Paycheck calculator and many more

Should you have any query, feel free to contact us.